The best tips for Instagram marketing come from the top most digital agencies. You need to produce better results in order to deliver high-profit margins, grow high-profit margins, and retain high-profit margins for clients. And the benefits of having a strong marketing game on Instagram will help you to attract more customers. Over one billion active monthly users are available on Instagram, and 500M of them use the “Stories” feature daily. It is hard to believe that Instagram used to be an immature and younger sibling of Facebook. Facebook is the platform where people would filter images of their travel or dinner. It is no surprise that agencies and businesses have adopted the Instagram platform as one of their main marketing tools to generate revenues. Today Instagram has 25M business profiles and 2M advertisers. Here are some best use of Instagram to make more money for both your agency and clients:

  • New messaging tools on Instagram for business
  • How to create a better bio on Instagram
  • Adding the best call to action in your Instagram bio
  • Bo does not buy fans or followers
  • To amplify the reach of the campaign, partner with some top Instagram influencers
  • How to use stories features on Instagram for businesses and brands
  • Create high and best-performing ads on Instagram
  • Use some auctionable hashtags on Instagram
  • Selling your products on Instagram shop
  • Track Instagram key metrics and KPIs
  • Use the best marketing tools for Instagram
  • Learn new and good things from the best business accounts on Instagram
  • For engagement and remarketing, use some Messenger tools

New messaging tools on Instagram for business

In late October 2020, Facebook announced that the API of Messenger now supports the Instagram messaging platform. With the support of Instagram with Facebook Messenger API, a business can start more conversations and scale messaging communications. There are additional benefits that marketers should know about Instagram: for even better targeting new ad formats, follow up automatically and capture the leads, Instagram has reached one billion active users. Most marketers used  to buy auto Instagram likes for better reach.

How to create a better bio on Instagram

Optimizing the Instagram bio is the first tip for doing marketing agencies. The first thing you have to do for your clients is to optimize their bio on Instagram. The Instagram bio may look very simple, but it plays a vital role in establishing your brand’s presence. Bio shows the audience what you sell and who you are. You can also tell people why they should want to care about your brand in the bio section. Instagram offers you 150 chars to tell people why they should follow you on Instagram, your brand, what it will offer, and what the profile is all about. 

Instagram platforms have an expressive environment. Some businesses also add emojis to their bio. Instagram allows you to add links to your profile in your bio and add clickable hashtags in your bio. The “add profile links” option will be available for managing multiple accounts, and it is great for agencies. Adding hashtags in your bio will allow you to direct your target audience to tagged UGC (user-generated content). Using a branded hashtag in your bio, you can collect the content generated by users. And also, you can use branded hashtags for product launches and promote a particular campaign. Your Instagram bio must be easy to read the information and process the information. Formatting such as spacing makers and line breaks makes it easier to read.