3 Quick Hacks To Elevate Your Instagram Reels Aesthetics


Instagram is a fastest growing social media platform and more than 1 billion people engage on this platform every month. Instagram introduced a new feature called “Instagram Reels.” After that, Instagram users spend more time on Reels.Now users spend more time on “Reels” , the new feature launched recently.  It allows you to create videos up to 15 seconds and share it with your audience. Through Reels, you can showcase your talent using many editing features such as browse and add music, adjust text format, align your clips, adjust your playback speed, add effects and filters.

Why Should You Make Your Reels Aesthetic?

You want many audiences to follow your profile. The audiences decide based on your content that they might click the “follow” button or not. The first impression is the best impression. So, if you create content with a beautiful aesthetic, it makes your Reel more likely to get success which converts the visitors to potential followers. With aesthetic Reels, engaging more audience for your business. Here are the best tips to keep your Reels with aesthetics to engage more audiences for your brand.

Use Brand Filter 

If you want to feed your Instagram Reel, you need to apply the same filter style. It gives the aesthetic for your video. For example, you have a light and airy Instagram feed and also use light and airy feed in your Reel. With Instagram Stories AR filters as you record your Reel, click the effect button, and choose from the library. There are many other editing filters in other apps which you can deploy to improve your reels aesthetics.

Use Best Video Editing App

Video editing apps offer to add branded backgrounds, borders, custom font overlays which can maximize Instagram Reels likes and serve to feed your profile page. As a result, you could gain a wider audience and establish a strong brand presence online.

Create And Use Own Custom Cover Image

If you want your Reels to be aesthetic, create a custom cover image like you would do an IGTV video. Once you have created a custom cover image for your Reel, save it in your camera roll, and add it from the camera roll to your Reel. One of the quickest ways to do that is to create a design for your product or brand from Instagram Stories templates. There are a lot of designs to create Instagram Reels that help to grab the audience’s attention. 


You make sure before uploading a video on your Reels that your content is aesthetic because it helps a lot for your profile growth as well as your business. Creating authentic content helps to win the audience’s trust in your brand which is another way to reach your target audience.