Instagram TV For Business: 4 Worthy Reason To Try This Platform

If you are trying to enhance your social media marketing, then IGTV will be a perfect fit to engage with your audience. IGTV is also known as Instagram TV. If you are an existing Instagram user, then Instagram TV will be one step forward to construct customer satisfaction, engagement and expand brand awareness. It is the best online video platform, allowing users to post long-form lengthy videos. First IGTV was launched in 2018; after so many changes, now you can spot IGTV in your profile page as like feed posts. 

In this article, let us discuss a few promising reasons to use IGTV.


By the beginning of IGTV, lots of brands were struggling to get used to this platform. Also, they find it hard to create traction with this new and effective channel. 

After hearing the audience’s feedback, opinions IGTV developers made many significant changes and improvements to develop the IGTV’s functionality. Let’s dive into spotting some of the worthy changes of IGTV.

It’s Energetic & Completely New

As I mentioned, it was launched in early 2018, but it’s still growing and flourishing. It is an entirely new right, and probably it has less competition than other platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. So, using IGTV for your brand or business will give you a “first-mover advantage.” Before the rush of other brands, you can establish an engaging audience and construct a deeper connection with them. Through this, you can hold audience attention and gain more engagement to your channel. Moreover, you can buy Instagram TV likes to get more exposure for your IGTV channel. By doing this, you are making prior efforts to get a unique place for your business.  

Linked Instagram 

IGTV and its mother platform, Instagram, are still growing and improving for better growth and user-experiences.  

The content marketing trends of 2020 indicated that Instagram would attain a massive total of 112.5 million U.S users in the upcoming year. This shows the count is increased by 5 % when compared with previous years. 

This will be good news for IGTV creators, users to grab or influence IG’s popularity to gain your IGTV followers. 

In the beginning, people find discomfort to convert traction and be found on IGTV. This is because brands do not quickly appear in front of their existing audience and could not reach larger communities. 

Then the changes have been made, that users allow posting previews of their IGTV videos to their regular IG feed. Now, discoverability becomes easier. 

Lengthy Video Is Possible 

Using IGTV, you can create lengthy long-form videos, so Instagram has broken down the failure of creating only short videos. It is like a traditional TV, but it’s digital and perfect for mobile users.

If you are looking forward to using IGTV, you will have a channel rather than a profile. It is framed especially to create lengthy videos. Where other platforms couldn’t do it. Normal users can construct videos for up to 10 minutes, whereas verified users can create a video for up to 1 hour. By uploading lengthy videos, you can easily engagingly promote your business or brands.

You Can Create A Series 

Like YouTube, you can create a series in your IGTV channel and construct a playlist under plenty of topics and ideas. Depending on your business, you can come up with a series. Moreover, your series can see both in the IGTV app and in your Instagram profile. 


For your IGTV video, you need to upload a cover image with, proper title with a precise description. In the description part, you can include hashtags, relevant keywords, links to your desired page. All that stuff entice your audience to view your videos and spot them easily on the explore page. I hope this article gives you a valuable reason to use IGTV.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.