Marketing campaigns in TikTok are relate newcomers to the influencers on marketing industry. Chinese owner ByteDance introduce the famous social network platform in 2017 to the US back, before having and merging then it with the famous app Musical.ly app in the year 2018 August. Although social media’s newest block kid is TikTok, the app has had an rise with astronomically to the top. November reports indicates that 1.5 billion times the TikTok app has so far been downloaded, by this TikTok made it as the one of the most popular social media platform in all over the world. TikTok has finished the 2019 year by becoming the both Google Play and App store’s  number one most downloaded app.now, with influencers and brands feeling more comfortable on the burgeoning platform, TikTok app is really begun to dedmonstrate its power and potential as a tool for marketing. Popular among other users on TikTok by buy TikTok fans. By combined with a fastly growing of the user base of Gen Zers and young millennials, TikTok has made it self as in the position of enviable of being the best influencer tool for marketing of the year.


  • Mucinex: #TooSickToBeSick Challenge
  • Chipotle: #Boorito Challenge
  • Charlie’s Angels: Don’t Call Me Angel
  • Kool-Aid: #OHYeahChristmas with LilJon Contest
  • #TransformUrDorm Kroger Is First To Try New In-App Shopping Tool
  • Gymshark: Fitness Niche
  • Walmart: Black Friday Campaign #DealDropDance
  • TooFaced: Ongoing Influencer Partnerships
  • Calvin Klein’s TikTok Marketing
  • EA Sports: Influencer Partnerships on TikTok


 Paramaceutical products and brands are not have been known to have the easy rides when it comes to the infulencer marketing on the social media. Traditional advertising for medical products are notably harder. Because of FTC and FDA , influencers must have to be more carefully when promoting the health products. With the stars on social media often running a group of brands, requirements have been cautious in how the people use marketing for medical brands by using influencer marketing.


 Chipotle had its “Boorito” annual offer for this year Halloween, offering reduced price of food for customers who ordered in the outfit like spooky. Like other brands, increaingly TikTok become a special key point in promotional campaign of Chipotle this year.  The challenged invlived users should post a video that would showcase their after the Hallowen costume tranformations and before the transformation of Hallowen costume by using the customised bite of sound that have created by the Chipotle just for the campaign.